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Termine | 28.2.2021

Human Anatomical Preparations History, Manufacturing Techniques and Ethics in Conservation

International Symposium at Dresden University of Fine Arts (HfBK) Degree Course in Conservation

November 11th and 12th 2021

The aim of the symposium is to examine the current state of anatomical and pathological collections, specifically the human preparations stored and exhibited there. For this purpose, curators, conservators, preparators and historians from numerous European countries will come together to address the following topics and questions: What was the significance of anatomical and pathological preparations in the respective historical context and what is their significance today? How does the transformation process of an actively-used teaching collection to a museum collection take place? What are the ethical requirements for the usage of human anatomical and pathological preparations for teaching and exhibition purposes today? What questions arise from this with regard to the pre- servation, conservation and restoration of human anatomical preparations? What influence do the historical manufacturing, preparation and conservation techniques of anatomical specimens have on the current state of preservation and to what extent have these contexts been researched at all? What expertise is available today and how can curators, preparators, conservators-restorers, etc. work together for a better preservation of anatomical preparations and collections in the future? The symposium will end with an evening event, during which the historical Anatomical Collection of the Dresden University of Fine Arts, which was reopened in 2019, can be visited.

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